We always begin projects with an in-person meeting to get acquainted. Ideally, this meeting takes place in your home or business. This allows us a first-hand look at your home or business and a glimpse of your personality, style, taste and personal attention . We want to learn about you and all your favorites thing, colors, favorite art, favorite furniture. Using this background information, along with a photo of your room, the actual color swatches you have chosen, and cutting-edge technology. This meeting is also where we discuss any decorating challenges your home presents.



We want your home to be beautiful and personal reflection of you. If you do not have time to shop around, we'll do the searching for you. This eliminates the impersonal and stuffy showroom atmosphere and provides us with an up-close view of your home and all of its grandeur. We can help you finish your interior design vision by acting as your personal shopper for home accent items, such as pillows, candles, pictures, custom closets, light fixtures, appliances, paint selections &  faux finish and more.

Introducing Our Design Technology -  Carey's Visual Designs uses cutting-edge technology to not only create, but also demonstrate, the amazing before and after effects of the right window coverings.

By importing your actual home photos and fabric swatches into the software program, Carey's  Visual Designs "Brings The Vision To You" to our clients, a preview of the amazing room transformation that occurs with the addition of window treatments, color and other home accents. The software offers endless possibilities for your interior design vision. View the product before you purchase it - a perfect look designed just for you!



Once we've gathered your style and taste, we give a full detailed board presentation of the products and design we've chosen for you to review and discuss.



We will prepare a personalized bid for your project. But there's more to our proposal than just numbers. The costs quoted in our proposal include labor, fabric, hardware, embellishments and installation. The presentation is billed separately.