Occupied Home Staging


We provide expertise and professionalism in assessing your home to capture the finer design details, enhancing it to a stylized, cleanly and simply presentable to the buyers eyes, that will send them scurrying for their checkbook.


Carey's Visual Designs approaches the staging of owner occupied homes a little differently than vacant properties. Typically when it comes to homes where the owners will live in the home while it is up for sale, we are dealing with different challenges so it is vital for Carey's Visual Designs to provide a plan for preparing and staging the home that factors in comfort and livability for our clients while the property is on the market.


From walk-through to room-by-room transformation, Carey's Visual Designs will emphasize the best features of your home, appealing to the new buyers dream and set your home apart from the competition.


With only 10% of home buyers able to visualize the potential of a home, Carey's Visual Designs should be your first call to sell your home faster!


In order to meet all of our clients needs, Carey's Visual Designs offers the following services:


  • Comprehensive Home Staging Consultations
  • Quotes for hands on Staging with the owners own furnishings
  • Materials that need to be purchased in order to get the home ready for sale, thereby adding the WOW factor


Why Home Staging Works?


With the explosive popularity of HGTV and decorating magazines, buyers are design savvy when it comes to buying a home. They have high expectations and usually very little time or money to renovate their new home right away.

  • Our research shows that 75% of buyers will shop until they find a neutral home which is move in ready. In addition, these buyers will pay more money for that property because the home reflects the lifestyle they want without having to do anything to achieve it. Home staging justifies a home’s listing price.
  • Regardless of a home’s price point, if the home’s appearance is marred by clutter, overly personal decor and uncompleted repairs then buyers will very simply move on to the next property.
  • Carey's Visual Designs tell her clients that buyers are not so much looking for a house as they are searching for the ideal lifestyle. By staging your home, you are selling them an ideal lifestyle in a beautifully designed and maintained home.
  • In addition, home staging is strategically designed to target the buyers likely to buy a particular type of home. This means as professional home stager we not only stage a home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, we also ensure that the presentation appeals to the target audience. This significantly increases the chances that a home will sell fast and for top dollar!

                       Home Staging is about making a connection ...